The Prophecy of Zechariah

The months of silence had undoubtedly given Zechariah time to think. It was time to think about the angel’s words, his own life, and what the future would hold for his family and for Israel. His life was redirected by the angel’s visitation. His expectations were now very different. His disappointments about being without aContinue reading “The Prophecy of Zechariah”

The Shepherds of Bethlehem

The night was crisp and cool but the sky was clear and dotted with a million points of light. The shepherds were in the high pasture keeping watch over their flocks by night. They were living out in the field at this time of year with their flocks. Some of these sheep were destined forContinue reading “The Shepherds of Bethlehem”

The Visit of the Magi

It had been a long and difficult journey to the holy city, Jerusalem. The travelers were pensive the last few days, anticipating the encounter with the royal child. This child was born King. Most kings become king by lineage or conquest. But this King was born to be king. Hundreds of years had passed sinceContinue reading “The Visit of the Magi”

Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key Six – The Plan of God

We humans have the capacity to make plans. Sometimes our plans work out just as we planned, but at other times they fall through. We may have to adjust our plans or just give up on them altogether. The problem is exacerbated in that our plans frequently collide with the plans of other people. LifeContinue reading “Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key Six – The Plan of God”