Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key Two – The Bible as Story

People love a story. Stories excite our imaginations and move our hearts. Children of all ages love to hear and read stories. I think the reason people resonate so much with stories is that we want to make sense of the world and our lives. Stories do that for us. The Bible itself is aContinue reading “Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key Two – The Bible as Story”

Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key One – The Message of the Bible

The Bible is the all time best selling book. Nothing else comes close. It might also be the least read book. Various studies and reports have been published bemoaning the lack of biblical literacy. While a large majority of American homes own a Bible and many believe it is inspired, only a small percentage readContinue reading “Seven Keys to Unlock the Treasure of the Bible: Key One – The Message of the Bible”

The Book of 1 John

The writings of John the Apostle (The Gospel of John, 1,2,3 John and Revelation) are, on the one hand, simple in vocabulary, but on the other hand, they are complex and deep theologically, and profound and transformative spiritually. Because of this it is easy to miss their powerful meaning. The first letter of John isContinue reading “The Book of 1 John”

Deep and Wide: Reading the Bible for Transformation

One of the many amazing things God has done for us is that he has given us a book. That book is the Bible. Books are meant to be read. God meant for us to read his book. God speaks to his people in his written word, the holy Scriptures. But reading the Bible isContinue reading “Deep and Wide: Reading the Bible for Transformation”

The Book of Revelation

Many books in the Bible deserve the title epic, none more than Revelation. The book of Revelation brings to a close the great epic story of God’s redemption and restoration of his fallen creation. All that has transpired in God’s amazing story is for the praise of his glory. He is the central actor, theContinue reading “The Book of Revelation”

Meditating on the Promises of God

One of the truly amazing things about God is that God is a promise making and a promise keeping God. God literally makes hundreds of promises in the Bible, which is wonderful in its self, but the really wonderful thing is that the same Bible tells us that God is faithful to keep his promises.Continue reading “Meditating on the Promises of God”

The Book of Ezekiel: Glory Departed

Ezekiel is a strange and wonderful book. Its writer loved God and loved God’s people. That is evident throughout the entire book. Ezekiel lived and served God in a difficult time of great suffering. The two great superpowers of the day, Egypt and Babylon, were always bearing down on tiny Judah. Ezekiel himself suffered much,Continue reading “The Book of Ezekiel: Glory Departed”